You Are Enough.

Acting is an inner game. We believe that you have what it take to be an amazing actor, and we'll show you how!


Bring Yourself to your Acting

Do you feel fulfilled as an actor or is something holding you back from your full potential? 

IYA Studio for Actors has been an artistic community and training ground for experienced and up-and-coming actors for over 10 years.  

We believe acting starts from the inside out.  Utilizing the power of improvisation, elements of life coaching and a supportive community-based approach to training, we will help empower you to know yourself, book the gig and enjoy the journey.

Online Courses & Coaching

Our online courses cover everything from mindset work, finances, self-taping, and everything in between. Also, our head coach Tony offers 1:1 Life Coaching! 

Resources & Guidance

We offer an array of free & low-cost resources for you to download & work from. PLUS check out our weekly BLOG for Actors!

In-Person/Live ZOOM classes

We offer interactive LIVE Weekly Zoom Classes meant to help you grow your acting muscles and embrace community! 

Tony Babcock, Founder of IYA Studio for Actors

Tony Babcock started IYA Studio for Actors over ten years ago with a mission: to bridge the gap between improv, acting, and life in order to help actors reach their full potential and enjoy the journey.

Tony is an award-winning, unionized actor, director & acting coach with over 20 years of industry experience. He has helped thousands of actors to be more successful in their careers. He is also a  certified life coach, NLP practitioner,  motivational speaker and author. 

Tony will help you realize your true potential, step into it and achieve greatness as an actor!

Why Improv is Important

Check out Tony's featured role in the documentary Yes! And...

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