A Driven Community Helping Toronto Actors stay consistent, book big, and enjoy the ride! 

Monday Nights | Toronto - Starting October 2021

Being an Actor is more challenging than ever...

After the strangest 2 years in history, you're left feeling super rusty as an actor, right?

You get self-tape requests & even callbacks but you never seem to book... 

Worst of all, you feel like you're losing your spark and things don't seem as exciting anymore... 

Being a working, excited & intuitive go-to actor requires DOING THE WORK consistently. 

There are no short cuts in this fast-paced every-changing industry. 

However, one thing is for sure: when you focus on your growth, you get confident & the right bookings start to pour in. 

TRANSLATION: Actors who work more, work more!

The Driven Actor Coaching Club will help you be a Go-To Actor with 3 Strategies:


Become consistent in your training with weekly in-person scene study, monthly online training & a specific 90-Day Plan & 1:1 Support throughout!


Take control of your career. Stop waiting for opportunities to fall into your lap and MAKE THEM HAPPEN! Take charge and gain that confidence.


Work with a community of hard working actors that will push you to be better. Make lasting connections and partnerships. 

Train with 2 Coaches In-Person, Online & On Your Own

Weekly Scene-Study Tailored to YOU 
Gain specific guidance & mentorship while you choose scenes to work on specific challenge areas. Keep all footage for further review. PLUS you can always bring in an upcoming self-tape or a recent one to get feedback! 

Monthly Online Training
Each month, take a LIVE online training workshop tailored to Actor Mindset/Career, ask questions & seek guidance.

1:1 Calls & 90-Day Plan
Jump on 3 ACTION PLANNING calls with your Acting Coach & Career/Mindset Coach to plan out your specific 90-Day Growth Plan & track it's progress.

PLUS! Gain INSTANT Access to Powerful Tools & Resources

As a member of the Driven Actors Coaching Club, you gain access to all of our online courses & actor resources, hundreds of scripts, a sitewide 30% discount and events!

Meet Your Acting Coach:
Jennifer Vallance

Jennifer is an actor, singer, writer, director plus producer in TV/film and stage performances. Originating from England she enjoys coaching various British accents as well as acting and audition coaching. Jennifer really loves this work and always meets you with enthusiasm, compassion and a thrill of the work! Her IMDb credits include Designated Survivor, Christmas Carousel, Hardy Boys, Taken, Killjoys and 12 Monkeys.

More on Jennifer's career can be viewed on IMDB


Meet Your Mindset & Career Coach:
Tony Babcock

Tony Babcock is an acting coach, filmmaker & professional actor who has worked with almost 2000 actors, helping them reach success in their career through individualized empathetic coaching.

He is also a certified life coach, NLP practitioner and speaker for some of the world's largest companies.

As an actor Tony has worked on/with CBC, Netflix, Amazon Prime, Bell Fibe TV 1, Out TV, TVO, CTV, Fearless Streaming Platform, Off-Broadway, The Cartoon Network, Global, ‚ÄčTribeca Film Festival, over 70 stage plays and more.

He currently has a recurring role on The Cartoon Network's Bakugan & acted alongside Enrico Colantoni in Bunker Burger (Tribeca Film Festival) 

More on Tony's entertainment career can be viewed on IMDb


$347/mo on a 3-Month Commitment

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*We have a limit of 12 Students
In-Person classes will be held at Milestone Studio - 400 Eastern Ave #201a, Toronto, ON

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** You will be contacted if a spot opens up.


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