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Take Control as an Actor

Uncategorized Oct 13, 2020

Like it or not, as an actor you are a business. Most actors believe that having an agent or a manager means they can sit back on the sidelines while someone else takes care of their career.

This is unfortunately wrong. There is a reason agents only get a 15% commission: they only put in 15% of the work. 

You as the actor are responsible for creating work for yourself, finding training, staying ready for your auditions and self-tapes, tracking your business expenses and so much more!

Take control of your mindset!

Take advantage of all the tools around you to boost your mindset and your confidence. As an actor, confidence is key. Are you taking workshops on mindset and manifestation? What things are you doing to remind yourself that you are enough, that you are worth it, that you are proven? 

Ask yourself what you can do for YOU so that you can bring yourself to the business as authentically as possible and uncomplicated!

The thing that most agents, casting directors and managers look for the most is an actor who is uncomplicated and knows what they need to do to create success for themselves. Coming in with a solid plan is essential. 

Believe in yourself fully. Agents will see if you are coming in with doubts and fears. Believing that you are a valuable product is what will get others to buy into your product (YOU).

Take control of your business

Take feedback from a neutral position. When a business receives feedback from customers, they take it as a learning opportunity and ask themselves how they can improve. 

A lot of actors wrap up their self-worth in whether or not they book the gig. Remove yourself from the equation next time you get feedback. It's not a personal attack. The more you can come at it from an outside perspective, the better and stronger your business will get!

Take a look at what you've been doing that isn't serving you. If you were working for yourself as an employee, what changes would you make to improve the business? Make sure the steps you're taking are all leading you towards your goals. Make a business plan as an actor so you have a clear vision of what you want and where you want to be.

You have more control now than ever before. Everything is shifting to the virtual world and is super accessible! There are more opportunities for exposure because everyone is watching! 

Take the time now to improv your product to provide something that is of really high quality. Make sure your self-tapes are top quality and really strong to catch the casting director's attention. Make sure your materials are up to date and of high quality! You are selling a product so make sure you invest in that product to improve it all the time. 

Think of an audition as you (a business) presenting your product to another business (the casting director). This is an opportunity to see if you want to collaborate with each other. It is also a moment to see if you fit the project and the character. 

Are you ready to take control of your career? Are you ready to put in the work and create a really strong product to sell?

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Tony Babcock started IYA Studio for Actors over ten years ago with a mission: to bridge the gap between improv, acting, and life in order to help actors reach their full potential and enjoy the journey.

Tony is an award-winning, unionized actor, director & acting coach with over 20 years of industry experience. He has helped thousands of actors to be more successful in their careers. He is also a  certified life coach, NLP practitioner,  motivational speaker and author. 

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