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Is Audition Coaching Worth It?

acting audition coaching Mar 15, 2021

“Audition Coaching - OH NOOO!!! Another expense!”


Yes, it is an expense, but you want to get the possible chance of booking the role - right?


Sometimes we can’t find a coach in time for the submission deadline, schedules don’t match up, or for your own reasons you just can’t! But here’s why you should judge for yourself if it’s worth the extra dough!


I have my own clients as well as coaching for IYA in Toronto - and I really love this work. It doesn’t feel like work and I so enjoy all the discoveries that I make for myself as well as those made by my clients.


*I find often actors are worrying about the things that do not matter (especially unneeded props) and passing over the work that will make your tape stand out.


*Discoveries about the technical side of auditioning - where to place all the other people and pertinent things in your scene so it looks the best and most natural to casting. How to slate!!!


*Finding a way to break your scene down in the time you have and where you are in your development or understanding as an actor.


*Knowing how to pace your audition; whether it’s beats, playing with your wants, or unexpected reactions and tones which come from your own personality! These are so fun, because they are spontaneous and unique to you!


*Relax - it’s right to take it seriously - but you may as well enjoy this and if you’re not, we work on that too - you’ll love the results!


*With more experienced performers we go into more detail in certain moments. We often work with opposites and add some improv to work into the scenes.


*You will always leave your audition knowing you gave it your best shot - and feel good about it. Perhaps have some aspects to work on for next time.


*There is always something you forgot to explore in your own prep. ALWAYS. My eyes, ears and heart will catch it, and I’ll ask you something specific and then you will catch it yourself! It’s such a wonderful moment!


Whilst coaching can’t guarantee that you will get cast, it will get you noticed and secure your spot in the running for the part! (or the next, and the next)


If you're still reading, you're in for an awesome surprise!! I am offering you a free 30-minute coaching session! If you had a self-tape that you didn't feel so great about, or you have an upcoming audition that you want to work on, I'll help you out! Don't wait too long though. Only 20 spots available! You can book a slot between April 6 - 12. BOOK A SESSION HERE!


See you soon





Jennifer Vallance is an actor, singer, writer, director plus producer in TV/film and stage performances.

Originating from England she enjoys coaching various British accents as well as acting and audition coaching. Jennifer really loves this work and always meets you with enthusiasm, compassion and a thrill of the work!

Tony Babcock started IYA Studio for Actors over ten years ago with a mission: to bridge the gap between improv, acting, and life in order to help actors reach their full potential and enjoy the journey.



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