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Why Actors need Community

actorslife advice tips Jun 22, 2020

Being an actor can be very isolating at times (let alone during a global pandemic).

When you first get an audition, you lock yourself in a room to study your script.

When you arrive at your audition, you feel like a social outcast in the waiting room, trying to stay calm amidst a sea of other passionate artists.

When you leave an audition, you rarely get any feedback unless you book so this can also create a feeling of loneliness.

Even when you book a gig, being on set or attending the first rehearsal can feel super intimidating until you get to know people, and embrace the all-important element of community.
If you have been feeling alone lately as an actor, due to COVID-19 or otherwise, you are not alone.

However, even with a lockdown, we have to start embrace the power of community. (Thank you Zoom).
We need each other. You need other artists to remind you what's important, pick you up when you fall, and lift you up to new heights.
There is something called The Illusion of Separation. It is a child of the ego. Basically, it states 'we are all alone', 'we are all different', 'we are all other'.
Sure, we all have uniqueness, different perspectives and we come from varying walks of life, but we need to realize that at the core - we are all the same: LOVE, ENERGY, BEING-ness.
Once you discover this, it becomes easier to reach out and build that all-important aspect of community.
And here's the last piece thing to note - accountability. When you are 100% accountable to a group of like-minded actors, you get up every day even when you feel defeated.
Even when you feel like there is no hope. Even when you want to give up. Life is too short to go-it-alone and the acting biz is too intense to be solo.
Get yourself a committed community (I am launching one in July!) and get started on your dreams - together.
You Are Enough.
Tony Babcock

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Tony Babcock
 started IYA Studio for Actors over ten years ago with a mission: to bridge the gap between improv, acting, and life in order to help actors reach their full potential and enjoy the journey.

Tony is an award-winning, unionized actor, director & acting coach with over 20 years of industry experience. He has helped thousands of actors to be more successful in their careers. He is also a  certified life coach, NLP practitioner,  motivational speaker and author. 

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