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Why You Need An Acting Coach

Uncategorized May 14, 2021
Be honest, in a perfect world - you’d know all of the things & you’d get all of the roles.
When an audition shows up, you’d be ready to hit it out of the park every time.
Your instincts would never lead you astray, you’d be present to your reader and you’d discover fresh new things take after take.
This utopian scenario sounds great but presents with it one major flaw. Acting is all about focusing OUT, and growth/breakthrough is all about focusing IN.
Let me explain.
Your #1 job as an actor is to be so focused on your scene partner, that you drop into character, get out of your own way, and fight for want you want moment-to-moment (despite your emotional turmoil).
This requires an enormous amount of surrender (trust) and takes discipline and faith.
Trust in your partner, trust in yourself & trust in your….
…outside eye.
Ok, before you get all Handmaid’s Tale on me - I am not talking about Big Brother. I am referring to your awesome acting coach, who’s #1 job is to focus on you and your growth. While you are dropped into the scene- they are dropped into you.
A great acting coach has the ability to work off of your instincts to offer small-powerful tweaks that will lead you to breakthrough after breakthrough.
Scene breakthroughs. Self breakthroughs. Story breakthroughs.
Here’s why you need an acting coach if you want to grow:
Even if you’re watching your take back, it’s impossible to see yourself without bias/judgement.
You need someone who can see your performance through the lens of the audience.
Acting is always about the other. The cornerstone of acting is community.
We need eachother to collaborate. To learn. To work together to discover and create.
Whether you want to admit it or not- 90% of actors I work with, get a self-tape request and feel a pang of doubt and anxiety.
Lack of self confidence kicks in. 15 mins into our session, and they are already feeling WAY more confident about themselves and their work. That in itself makes all the difference.
If you haven’t felt very consistent in your acting lately- if your last few self tapes were not great, and you’d love to flow with a community of driven actors and dedicated, experienced acting coaches - check this out: https://www.improvyouracting.com/DACC


Tony Babcock started IYA Studio for Actors over ten years ago with a mission: to bridge the gap between improv, acting, and life in order to help actors reach their full potential and enjoy the journey.

Tony is an award-winning, unionized actor, director & acting coach with over 20 years of industry experience. He has helped thousands of actors to be more successful in their careers. He is also a  certified life coach, NLP practitioner,  motivational speaker and author. 

Add him on FB here.


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