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The Job of The Acting Coach

acting audition coaching Mar 15, 2021

When you get that email reading “You have an audition”, likely you do a little dance, jump for joy, devour the sides attached... and then think “now, how am I going to do this?”


Have no fear, that’s why a coach is here!


Having that extra set of eyes on your audition can help relieve a lot of pressure and stress that can come with those big and important auditions. My goal is to help you have fun, relax, and to discover new moments within the script. This helps us to make smart acting choices during our time together.


As a coach I am here to pay attention to the technical aspects of your audition so you can stay focused on the scene and the emotional journey that comes with acting. We will sort through any questions you have about the actions within the scene, dialogue, style, genre, tone and more, as we breakdown the scene and story elements. We will do line runs and run throughs before we hit record in order to give you the time...

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Is Audition Coaching Worth It?

acting audition coaching Mar 15, 2021

“Audition Coaching - OH NOOO!!! Another expense!”


Yes, it is an expense, but you want to get the possible chance of booking the role - right?


Sometimes we can’t find a coach in time for the submission deadline, schedules don’t match up, or for your own reasons you just can’t! But here’s why you should judge for yourself if it’s worth the extra dough!


I have my own clients as well as coaching for IYA in Toronto - and I really love this work. It doesn’t feel like work and I so enjoy all the discoveries that I make for myself as well as those made by my clients.


*I find often actors are worrying about the things that do not matter (especially unneeded props) and passing over the work that will make your tape stand out.


*Discoveries about the technical side of auditioning - where to place all the other people and pertinent things in your scene so it looks the best and most natural to casting. How to...

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5 Q's With Victoria Kucher!

acting improv Mar 08, 2021
As we approach our upcoming Improv Your Acting Level 1 course, we sat down with our amazing coach Victoria Kucher (@kuchecoo), who has worked extensively in improv comedy, sitcoms, and at The Second City, to ask her some serious questions about improv and comedy, no joke!
IYA: Hey Victoria, thank you for taking the time to answer some questions. Here's the first one: What does improv comedy bring to an actor's skill set? Why is it important to learn?
VK: No problem, my pleasure. Improv isn't just about being funny, it's an amazing tool to help all actors build a well rounded character, digging into the WHY of the scene and moments. Improv helps actors discover their character's true opinions on other characters, the world they live in, and actions they make. It can be used to build up the moment before, making it fresh in your mind, or finding better understanding of something you can't quite crack in the script alone. Improv is a tool that can...
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Building Your Acting Biz

acting business marketing Feb 25, 2021

As Artists and creatives when we hear the word 'business' it often scares us. We feel like we don't have the capacity to handle our business or don't have an 'analytical brain'. The important thing to remember is that the skills you need to manage your acting career as you would a business can be learned. 

The best thing you can do for your career is to practice these skills and get good at 'the business of acting'. It will serve you in the long run.

You could have the best acting technique and education, but if you don't know how to market that no one will know those wonderful things about you!

If you want to do more to build your business as an actor, here are 3 main points that will help set you on the right path for this. 

1. Get your agent on board

If you don't have an agent already, get on board with an agent!

If you do have an agent, make sure you are both on the same page about your goals. Let them know where you want to go with your career and what kind of...

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Overcome Your Self-Tape Hurdles.

acting self-tape Jan 08, 2021

I think it would be fair to say that all actors have faced difficulties when it comes to self-taping. Whether that be technical difficulties, personal challenges, or plain old doubt, it is something that many of us share in common. 

When I first started self-taping back in the day, I was faced with so many questions that I didn't know how to answer. "Is casting watching my tape?", "Why does my lighting look like that?", "What kind of read do they want?", "How many takes should I be doing?", "Do they think I'm good?", and the list goes on. Does this sound familiar?

If it does, don't stress. Those questions are completely valid and so many of us think the same way. The biggest thing is, don't let those questions and doubts control you. Keep them in the back seat of the car, but don't let them drive. 

After years of practicing, searching, and applying, I've come to discover three key points that have helped me overcome my own self-tape hurdles and bumps. Hopefully they will...

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