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5 Q's With Victoria Kucher!

acting improv Mar 08, 2021
As we approach our upcoming Improv Your Acting Level 1 course, we sat down with our amazing coach Victoria Kucher (@kuchecoo), who has worked extensively in improv comedy, sitcoms, and at The Second City, to ask her some serious questions about improv and comedy, no joke!
IYA: Hey Victoria, thank you for taking the time to answer some questions. Here's the first one: What does improv comedy bring to an actor's skill set? Why is it important to learn?
VK: No problem, my pleasure. Improv isn't just about being funny, it's an amazing tool to help all actors build a well rounded character, digging into the WHY of the scene and moments. Improv helps actors discover their character's true opinions on other characters, the world they live in, and actions they make. It can be used to build up the moment before, making it fresh in your mind, or finding better understanding of something you can't quite crack in the script alone. Improv is a tool that can...
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