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3 Steps to Scene-Study Success

techniques tips Jun 06, 2020

With the acting world at a bit of a standstill, this is a perfect time to get quiet & work on your skills before our biz gets back on its feet. 

How is your scene analysis game?

Do you struggle with breaking down your scripts?

Do you find it difficult to connect with your characters/scenes?

How easy is it for you to 'throw away' your work and surrender to the moment?

There are three parts to actor scene-study: I call them Study, Sense, and Surrender.

Study encapsulates your ability to break down and analyze a script. You are basically a text detective, finding the clues that the writer has left you.

Sense represents your ability to personalize the text. Your universal connection to the world and themes of the piece. It's the emotional part of scene-study.

Surrender illustrates your ability to let go of the work and lose yourself in the moment-to-moment discoveries & actions of the piece. This is often the hardest step but arguably the most important. 


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