Embrace the Moment. Take your Team to New Heights.

THE KEY TO YOUR TEAM'S SUCCESS... not hiding in another module or training document. Your company's productivity will not soar if your team is not flourishing. Most companies don't know how to take their team to the next level. We believe that the quickest way to boost your bottom line is to empower your employees.


Improvisation is not about comedy. It is about following your instincts, embracing the ebbs and flows of life, and enhancing your communication and listening skills. 

We will empower every member of your team to embrace their natural abilities and aptitudes, fine-tune their listening and communication skills and think outside the box to help innovate their way to company success.


Doctors without Borders


1-2 Hour Workshops

Great for Smaller Teams

We lead your team through the facets of improvisation in a fun and exciting workshop setting. We then put the principles into play through improvised scenarios and hilarious games.

A refreshing alternative to

traditional role-playing! 

Recommended Group Size - 8-20


Great for Conferences
Part Powerpoint presentation part workshop, this program is ideal for larger groups.
We empower your team through an engaging presentation that incorporates improv exercises. Participants learn from their seats and on their feet.

Recommended Group Size - 50 - 500

Full Day Workshops

Great for Retreats, Development Days

We spend the day with your team leading them to success through improvisation.

We cover communication skills, confidence boosting, improv for innovation, success strategies, teamwork development, and tailored scenarios. We will work closely with you to craft the day to your specific needs.

Recommended Group Size - 8-20

Something Else in Mind?

All of our workshops are completely customizable to suit the needs and goals of your group.
We have also created completely different programs to suit our clients. 

Get in touch with your ideas.
We'll improvise!




Ontario Ministry of Housing

"...very impactful. The information on how to get things done by allowing yourself to operate outside of a comfort zone, is something I will benefit from for years to come..."


NEFTti  - Director of Mentoring

"...It was a great pleasure to see the pure joy on the faces of my team, and to laugh like a carefree child!.." 

Workplace Medical Corp.

"...Our executives are already utilizing the techniques learned and finding them very useful. We have continued to use some of the exercises at work to connect and brighten eachothers days"


Professor, OCAD

"..was able to take me from a state of self-consciousness and 'being in my head' to a listening, engaging, confident speaker and teacher"


YMCA of Oakville

"Tony put me at ease and encouraged myself and my coworkers to let our guards down and really be in the moment." 


Tony Babcock is a certified Life Coach and the Founder and CEO of IYA Studio. 

For over 15 years he has been a guest speaker and coach with some of Canada's largest companies and has become a go-to for team building and innovation in the corporate, media, and entertainment sectors. 

Tony is also an award-winning Film Director, Actor and TV Host for some of Canada's largest networks.




Tony Babcock
647. 348. 4911


Our workshops primarily run in the Toronto area and Halton area but we are willing to travel for additional fees.