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at IYA

Actors are busy! Intensive training allows you to fully immerse yourself in a specific area of learning over a short period of time. We offer an array of weekend intensives that will help you bring out your best and book more gigs! 


On-Camera Intensive

Sat & Sun: Nov 30 & Dec 1

Take your film acting to the next level using improv,actor scene-study, and rigorous actor training


Improv Your Acting 

Level 2 Intensive

Dates TBA - January 2020

Dive deeper into the worlds of improv and acting. Learn the art of Yes! And.., character creation, backstory, monologue work and much more!


Actor's Business Intensive

Sat Jan 11

Learn the ins & outs of the business of acting in this unique gathering of seminars featuring agents, casting directors, headshot photographers, and more!