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at IYA

Ongoing training is the key to growth as an actor. We want all of our students to succeed and to be continually growing. This is why we run a variety of weekly classes to sharpen your skills, give you a strong community, and keep you working! 


Your Acting

Our Improv Your Acting Program

runs all year with 3 Dynamic Levels combining the elements of improv with the discipline of scripted acting.​

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Improv Your Acting

Level 1

Tuesdays, Jan 14 - Feb 18

Learn how to combine the art of improv with the discipline of acting. Build a solid practice. Work on two scripted scenes & use improv to find your truest performance.


Improv Your Acting
Level 2

Option 1 - Dec 14/15 (Weekend)
Option 2 - Thursdays, Jan 16 - Feb 20

Dive deeper into the worlds of improv and acting. Learn the art of Yes! And.., character creation, backstory, monologue work and much more!


Improv Your Acting 

Level 3

Dates TBA - January 2020

Put all the principles you have learned into play. Bring a new scene up each week using the fundamentals of improv and the mechanics of acting.