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A Morning Routine for Actors!

Updated: Sep 9, 2018

How do you start your day?

This question has been fresh on my mind these days as I continue to explore my fascination (obsession?) with human behaviour. For me personally; the way I wake up and spend my morning determines how productive, positive, and passionate I will be that day (Did I just invent the 3 P's?)! 

As actors, we must consistently work on our instruments: ourselves. It takes a very secure, healthy, determined, and positive individual to face this industry with grace and confidence. I have yet to meet a single human being who can achieve all of the above naturally. It is in our nature to have ups and downs.

So you've enrolled in classes, made sacrifices, and dedicated your life to acting. So why are you still miserable? I believe everything starts with a solid, uplifting morning routine. Here is one that I do to keep me positive and motivated throughout the day. I hope it will help you as much as it helps me. 

1. H-2-OH!

The first thing I do when I awake from slumber is get that ole agua inside of me! There's science about it: google it! 

2. Classical Check-In

How can Mozart help you become more solid in your work? I find classical music is a great way to access my inner emotional truth. Throw on your favourite Brahams, lay on the floor, palms up, close your eyes and allow yourself to be exactly where you're at. Laugh, cry, feel.

3. In-The-Moment Meditation Once I am emotionally accessed, I like to do a mindfulness meditation to get in touch with the present moment. I highly recommend The Honest Guys.

4. Motivation! Motivation! Motivation! This is by far the most important part of my routine! A great motivational speech can remind me of what's important, why I am an actor and most importantly what to focus on.

5. Get Sweaty I find that after I get myself motivated, it is valuable to channel that into a solid workout. Whether you run, dance, workout at home or hit the gym, it has been proven that the morning is the best time to get sweaty. 

This morning ritual gets me into the headspace for a successful, productive day. I find that it creates a positive energy inside of me that allows me to bring my best to auditions, performances and running my business as an actor (and a coach!). 

Remember, we all have the same amount of time, and life is short. In order to live the life of your dreams, you must turn yourself into a creativity machine. In class, we often talk about the importance of a strong start in our work! How about a strong start in your life? What will you do with your mornings? 

Tony Babcock, IYA Founder