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3 Ways to Become a Stronger Actor

You may be suffering from a very common disease that has been plaguing the entertainment industry for many years. I call it "Lazy Actor Syndrome" or LAS for short. LAS can strike at any moment, but mostly when you get an audition, start rehearsals for a play or find yourself in your trailer on set. It is that little virus that tells you "you're such a good actor, you don't need to do the work, just wing it". Unfortunately, when you have LAS (as many of us do), your work is very flat and fake, you are riding on chance, and you very rarely book the job. The good news is that there is a three-step cure to this illness. Here's your prescription on how to cure LAS and become a stronger actor:

1. Understand The Story

Studying story is essential to becoming a strong actor. You must understand the world of the writer. Each scene revolves around specific themes, and each character has wants, emotional truths, and dynamic relationships that are put into question throughout the three acts of the piece. Learning how to dissect text is the mandatory first step of stronger, more specific work.

2. Understand Yourself

Your instrument, as an actor, is yourself. You must get into deep relationship with your beliefs, wants, and emotions in order to channel them into each character you are playing. Every character has an emotional truth, a universal belief and a way they get what they want.  You must align with your chracter truthfully to fully understand yourself.

3. Understand The Moment

The final step to beating LAS is to embace the unkown and sometimes terrifying moment. Once you understand the world you are playing in and where you fit into it you must then surrender to the flow of the scene and the eyes of your partner. Improv is a great skill to have in order to work with whatever comes your way. It will also help make you a go-to actor who can change in a second's notice based on a director's feedback. 

Applying these three steps will lead you to more effective, more engaging and more relatable performances. Let's do the work, set our industry standards much higher and beat LAS together! 


Tony Babcock is the Owner/Head Coach at IYA Studio for Actors #improvyouracting

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