A 6-Week Virtual Scene-Study Intensive & Club
March 29th - May 3rd 2021

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If you don't have a solid preparation process for your Auditions then...

  • ..you probably don't show up as your best self..
  • ...you have trouble connecting to the words/character/circumstances
  • ...you find it near impossible to surrender and be in the moment
  • ...you feel like your spinning your wheels and not in control AT ALL as an actor!

I get it! 

I have fallen on my face...many times. 

I would bounce around from audition to audition feeling like I had no control or semblance of what the hell I was doing. I would rock auditions and hear nothing, I would suck at auditions and hear nothing and even when I did manage to get cast, I had no idea why and would bring that negative energy with me to set. I would constantly try to prove to myself & others that I had what it takes to be an actor and I was doing it all WRONG!!

And the schools of thought out there didn’t help much (and there were a lot of them).

Try this, bring it down, make it bigger, smaller, faster, slower.

Breathe. Emote. Feel. “Just throw it away”, “just do it”, study hard, don’t study, actions, verbs, character, no character, adjectives, method, Meisner, Hagen, Adler, Stanislavsky...ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh

And you know what? It was confusing as fuck!

Then something happened. I hit rock bottom. A huuuuuge audition that I worked my ass for (and 7 callbacks) and was taken away from me.

Like literally, I had it and then it was gone.

I shut down. Panick. Fear. Depression. Nothing.

I took six months off for the first time ever.

And then, it hit me.


The reason nothing ever seemed to work. The reason why I felt so damn frustrated all the time. So lost. So confused.

The reason I rarely got called back, never booked, felt so powerless.

Like most actors, I was trying too hard. And in doing so, I forgot one key thing:  I AM ENOUGH.

As soon as I rediscovered the power of ME. the power of true, authentic, me - I became unshakeable. I cut the shit and showed up as my best self.

I learned how to dissect a script very quickly (because I wasn’t doubting every choice).

I learned how to be authentically emotionally vulnerable (because I was allowing myself to be really seen)

I learned how to surrender and let go (because I knew that my spontaneous self was interesting)

From there, I went on to book over 100 gigs in 2 years, and almost 500 since. I booked a 6-figure job on a video game series, have voiced multiple cartoons and have had films in acclaimed film festivals (including Tribeca). I’ve toured theater and  shows around the world, acted on episodic television, have a national campaign going and have created 14 of my own projects.

I can't recommend this class enough..

Tony Babcock's The Prepared Actor is an excellent scene study deep-dive. It perfectly synthesizes the analytical and intuitive approaches to the actor's craft. Also, Tony is a lovely human, so you can be confident you are in excellent teaching hands. 
-Mark Lewis

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This 6-Wk Intensive will feature:

Train 2x a Week

Watch Dynamic Video Training & Attend a weekly 2hr Zoom class live to learn the ins & outs of scene analysis and audition preparation.

100% Accountability

Join our private facebook group where you will get daily posts, additional insights throughout the week & a community of like-minded actors.

Scene Coaching

The last hour of each week is dedicated to 'surrender'. Receive tailored scene coaching so you can take your acting to new heights. 

PLUS! We'll be following The Artist's Way together!

Julia Cameron's creativity course is the perfect companion to our analytical work! We will all be doing this together :) 

How People Feel


I can't thank you enough, Tony. This course has been transformative on so many levels. I look at my scripts so differently now that I've learned the necessary go-to tools every actor needs in their arsenal. I feel much more equipped now to dive deeply in my scene study, so I can reach a place of surrender for auditions.

Simone Abrahamson

The Prepared Actor has changed the way that I look at scripts and the has given me a handful of wonderful new tools to use in my work.
From the fundamental breakdown of a script to personal emotional connections to the character, I have learned new skills to carry through my career. Thanks Tony

Dan DeMarbre


Tony is exuberant about teaching the skill of the art of letting go -and for an actor that is gold. Not only did I learn the depth of study ,sense ,surrender but I learned how to do emotional preparation and to trust myself in the moment. This course is the backbone to the craft of acting! It’s an essential tool set!

Amy Ness

Walk into every audition feeling Confident!

After this 6 week intensive you will:

  • feel confident walking into your auditions
  • know how to break down a script, even if you only have 20 minutes!
  • finally have a process you can depend on! 
  • feel connected to your scenes & characters
  • take the guess work out!

Learn Tony's 3-Step
Scene Study Process

Utilizing a step-by-step Study guide learn how to uncover:

the 2 themes, the 3 Acts, the wants & truths, the outline, the emotional truth, the universal, discoveries & actions, the connections, the major beats and much more!

Using guided self-led improv exploration & music explore:

your connection to the piece, character intentions, imagination vs.  memory, personalization,  physical embodiment, emotional universality, and much more!

Using specific tools & mindset hacks learn how to :

take it off the page, focus completely on your scene-partner, memorize to forget, surprise yourself moment to moment, make your performances real and much more!

Instructor: Tony Babcock

Tony Babcock is an acting coach, filmmaker & professional actor who has worked with almost 2000 actors, helping them reach success in their career through individualized empathetic coaching.

He is also a certified life coach, NLP practitioner and speaker for some of the world's largest companies.

As an actor Tony has worked on/with CBC, Netflix, Amazon Prime, Bell Fibe TV 1, Out TV, TVO, CTV, Fearless Streaming Platform, Off-Broadway, The Cartoon Network, Global, ‚ÄčTribeca Film Festival, over 70 stage plays and more.

He currently has a recurring role on The Cartoon Network's Bakugan & acted alongside Enrico Colantoni in Bunker Burger (Tribeca Film Festival) 

More on Tony's entertainment career can be viewed on IMDb


One-Time Payment

$555 USD


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How People Feel

'The Prepared Actor goes in-depth into the analysis we tend to skip past in preparation for a role but is essential for making the role yours.  Tony takes you step-by-step through his Study Workbook, making sure you grasp each concept before building upon it with the next.  In the end, you surrender and see how the study work really does change everything.'
- Kaeli M.

Preparation = Success

It's Time to Take the Guess Work out of Scene-Study! 

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