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Theatre Performance Intensive

In the Moment. On the Stage.

Sat & Sun April 13-14
12 - 7 both days



A New Approach to Actor Training

"Exciting, refreshing with new things to learn every class. Check IYA out!"


— Trevor N.

Actor: Fear They Neighbor

Join us for our 2-day (14 hour) Theatre Performance Intensive. 

Perform a classical or contemporary scene in full costume on stage and receive tailored coaching. 



Become an improv expert and learn how to use the art-form to unlock your most truthful work. 

Through open improv exploration, reconnect with your inner-child, bring sponteneity to your work and enrich your scene.

Voice & Speech

Using your scene text, unlock your natural voice with a voice and speech coach. Learn how to breathe to enhance relaxation and improve the flow of language. 


After workshopping your scene with your partner (using our comprehensive Study Guide), perform your scene under the stage lights in costume. Receive tailored coaching and learn how to bring your performance to the next level. 

The Coach

Tony Babcock

Tony Babcock (ACTRA, CAEA)  is an award-winning Actor, Director & Acting Coach with over 20 years of industry experience. He has helped over 500 actors to be more successful in their careers. He is also a certified Life Coach (Achology Certified).


Tony continues to work as an actor and can been seen in many film/tv/theatre & improv projects in Canada & the US. 
Recent credits include , Bunker Burger (with Veronica Mars' Enrico Colantoni) which is an official selection at the 2019 Tribeca Film Festival, Extreme Actor (Bell Fibe TV 1), Kids Cartooons "Beyblade: Shogun Steel" and "Bakugon" (with Emmy Award Winning Director Debra Toffan). He has been a host for Much Music, Teletoon and red carpet interviews for ACTRA. His short film "Treatment" won Best International Short at the Williamsburg International Film Festival in New York City, and he is a series lead on IRL: The Series (Fibe TV 1). 

Tony is also a creator/producer with 15 self-generated projects under his belt. 


Theatre Performance Intensive


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Toronto, ON

Head Coach: Tony Babcock